Monday, April 25, 2011

The Ship Has Docked

Okay, so its back to reality now, and lets just say its hitting hard. I just got home last night and I am already back to school and my two jobs. Even though I am stressing about how all of my clothes that are lying dirty in my suitcase, it was so worth it. The vacation was much needed, and getting to spend my senior spring break with my best friend made it perfect. I ate so much food, got tan and met some really fun people. I could write about it forever but I'll just post a few pictures instead!

 The view of Tampa outside my hotel window

 Grand Caymans 

 Dancing in Medusa's Lair (the ship had corny names for everything)
 Mahogany Bay (Honduras)
 Me & Shelbi with the Captain

Zane, Karli, Shelbi, Me, John & Samson (our wait staff) 


  1. Looks like an amazing holiday :O)
    A xx

  2. Love the pictures!!! Wish I could be there.. I need a break from school haha
    xoxo asiahlynn

  3. ahhh belize!!!! i am so jealous. i was begging my bf to go with me in january. he didn't want "to go somewhere that was just like mexico". but it's belizeeee!!! they have ruins and beaches! ahhh! so we never went and i'm very jealous of your trip. :) thanks for your comment on the bag. it's divine but i'm not budging for a second on my spending freeze. gotta play it safe at least till fall!

  4. this looks like so much fun! ian and i just found out we can't go to cancun until september, so we're looking into other options that include a cruise! maybe one like this...

  5. I love how they make the towel animals!
    Monique xx

  6. I recently went on a cruise in April it was sooo much fun! I really enjoyed it, it looks like you did, and I see we both used Carnival they are great and make the experience so worthwhile and enjoyable!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!


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