Monday, May 16, 2011

Whoop Whoop

Marissa from What Makes Me Happy was kind enough to mention me in this award! So I am following the rules by first writing seven random things about myself and picking fifteen fellow bloggers that deserve the award!

 Seven random fears 
1. Being forced to live in space
2. Cats
3. Finding out everything I thought was true was a lie
4. Getting stuck in the middle of the ocean
5. Having a plane crash and get stuck in the Amazon
6. Finding out cockroaches live in my mattress
7. Marrying someone to find out they were a transvestite

1. Cherry from Cherry's Blog
2. Anya Adores from Anya Adores
3. Laura from These Many Years
5. Friends from Fashion Memories

Thanks again to everyone who reads what I have to say! I promise I will be posting more often now that school is settling down and exciting things are actually happening in my life!
Forever Chic,

*So clearly I didn't follow the rules and there is a slight possibility that the blogger police will come for me*


  1. Hello sweetie - thanks soo much for awarding me - it's such a great pleasure when I get these awards - so kind of you- Also congrats to you on your award :O) Have a great week - and I really adored your fears - funny :)
    A xx

  2. Congratulations on your award! Your #7 cracks me up!


  3. Congrats and thanks SO much for the shout!!



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