Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting My Education


First off I want to say thanks to all the lovely comments and new followers! Its really encouraging for a rookie blogger like myself to know that people are actually looking at my blog. 
Today my English IV class dressed up as Ninjas, Zombies and the Bennet sisters from the book "Pride Prejudice and Zombies." We also ate cake and brains while watching urban ninja  (if you haven't seen it your in for a good laugh). My teacher (front row on the right) also joined in as a Bennet sister. Although I cannot wait until I walk across the stage on June 11th, days like these remind me that high school really isn't that bad. 
After work tonight I plan on going to see a open mic comedy show in Fort Mill with the boyfriend, should be an interesting time for sure! Hope you have a happy Friday and a restful weekend.
Forever Chic,


  1. Your blog is really nice! I like it! :) Thanks for your comment, I will follow with great pleasure. Counter, if you like!

  2. Love the blog you have fellow rookie blogger :)- thanks a mill for your lovely comment - I will follow you, please follow me too;)

  3. Looks like so much fun! I remember doing silly things like this when I was on drill team in high school. Oh the nostalgia...:) xoxo Marissa

  4. Aww that is sooo cooll I wish at my high school we could have as much fun as you are having!!

  5. oh the photo is great :D fun fun!

  6. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I am also a rookie blogger myself! The make-up and the costumes look so fun. By the way, cute blog. I am your new follower. Follow me, too? Thanks.


  7. cute pic,you really did some have fun.

  8. Nice blog and awesome pictures!:)

  9. First time stopped at your blog. I enjoy it a lot!
    Keep it update x)


  10. Love this post, so cute!!!Thanks for sharing!


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