Monday, September 12, 2011

La Selva Del Camp

Day #4
I figured I should learn my way around. Considering I will be staying here for a while I think that it may be a little important. Yesterday we went to a local water park which was basically Carowinds with everyone speaking a different language. I always wonder whether or not people can tell that I am not a local (that is before I speak anyways).  I also got to meet another au pair that is staying for the year as well. It was nice to hear a familiar voice, and although we had never met we got along very well. Although I have friendships at home, it is nice to have someone that is living the same life as me and can relate.
Today was the first official day of working. In starting my routine I managed to lock myself out of the apartment during my morning run... typical. I also walked the younger one to school today, picked him up for lunch, walked him back and picked him up again. Glamorous I know. Thankfully it is only a five minute walk. It is so strange to me how they have two and a half hours for lunch. Personally after coming home I wouldn't want to go back.
What is also strange is the amount of free time I have. Not bad strange, just different. It will be good for me to work on my photography and much needed Spanish. More and more I am realizing the language barrier, especially with the younger kid. He gets frustrated with me because I only talk to him in English, and although that is my job... sometimes it is difficult especially when I am trying to make a point.
All in all this is a nice set up... I get to live in Spain to solely play with kids and walk them back and forth from school. I can get used to this. 


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