Friday, June 3, 2011

The Penguin

Shelbi & Tess

Fried Pickles

Random Camo Jeep
Dairy Queen
Haha this made us laugh
So yesterday Tess, Shelbi and myself went Uptown for a little pre-summer adventure. Originally we planned to go to open mic night at a little Caribbean restaurant but there was a poor turnout so we wandered down the street and ended up at The Penguin in Plaza Midwood. It was my first time there. Its known as a burger joint: but due to the fact I don't eat red meat I got wings. Messy but good. Then we stopped at a Dairy Queen and got mini blizzards. 
I love Dairy Queen for three reasons. 1. Blizzards 2. It always reminds me of my grandpa cause every time we visit WV he makes sure to take us to the local Moundsville Dairy Queen. Its tradition. 3. My parents named me after a girl that worked at DQ. Weird. But really when my parents were expecting me they went to a Dairy Queen and noticed that the girl who worked behind the counter's name was 'Amber'. They liked it. Ironic because my first job was at an ice cream shop.
Last night was a glimpse of how I plan on spending the upcoming summer evenings. Good company. Good food. Good Memories.
Forever Chic,


  1. You laides look cute & comfy. I've never had fried pickles before, but they are def on my list of "foods to try"....Good times!!


  2. The vintage style restaurant seems really nice, seems like a lot of fun you had !!



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